Jerome Callet is a brass embouchure clinician and was formerly a trumpet designer and manufacturer. Born April 24, 1930, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jerome began his trumpet studies at age thirteen after being inspired by two fellow students Cal Massey and Tommy Turrentine at the Herron Hill Junior High School in Pittsburgh. Although he subsequently studied with several famous trumpet teachers and dedicated himself laboriously to mastering the instrument, at the age of thirty Jerome could still not play a high C. In 1947, after many years of struggle, he began researching the physical elements necessary to develop a “Super Power Embouchure.” By the age of forty he had perfected his new embouchure after much trial and error. Jerome named it Superchops. The Superchops embouchure methodology eventually led him on the quest to design and produce the best trumpets and mouthpieces available.
      Jerome’s involvement with the business of instruments began with sixteen years in sales (1953-1968) for Elden Benge, followed by eight years of experience with Dominick Calicchio (1968-1975). He absorbed much of his knowledge of trumpet making from these two brilliant men. With this rich background and his talent as an accomplished machinist, Jerome launched the experimental trumpet design in 1956 and started selling his own trumpets in 1984. In 1973, he also developed a line of mouthpieces to complement his embouchure theories. In the meantime, he taught embouchure technique in Pittsburgh (1960) and New York (from 1972 to the present).
      The fulfillment of his quest to create the best brass instruments possible is represented by his “Jazz Bb”, “Super Chops Bb”, “Symphonique C”, “Stratosphere Bb” trumpets and “Jazz” flugelhorn. More than 6,000 Callet trumpets and 15,000 Callet mouthpieces have been manufactured in the past twenty-eight years. Even after retiring from the manufacturing business in 2002, he continued trying to create the best trumpet mouthpiece in existence. The “Superchops 1” model was released in April of 2007.
      Jerome has written four books on trumpet embouchure and technique including the internationally acclaimed “Superchops”. His latest book “Trumpet Secrets Vol. 1” (sub-title: The Secrets of the Tongue- Controlled Embouchure) provides insight into reinforcing Superchops.
      He continues to teach private and telephone lessons from his Staten Island, New York, studio. Jerome has also conducted clinics in the United States, Canada, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Hungary and Japan. His recent works are shown on this website and