Master the Superchops Embouchure
No musician can concentrate on the musical part of a performance if his or her embouchure is collapsing. In order to truly teach brass instruments one must start with the basics and correct the core problems. Here is my unique advantage: I started at the bottom! I then spent 50 years learning how to play correctly. Though I am a teacher of brass embouchure, I will always be a student of these most royal of all instruments.

For more than 45 years, Jerome Callet has dedicated himself to helping brass players from around the world. His embouchure system, Superchops, overcomes the physical obstacles that severely limit brass playing abilities. Though very different from what is being taught by other professors of brass instruments, countless musicians attest to the tremendous improvements made possible by Mr. Callet’s instruction. You too can move to this higher level of performance!

Superchops is the purely physical technique necessary to play brass instruments with the greatest ease and finest sound. Though it has little to do with actual musicality, it has everything to do with becoming a successful brass player - a musician producing clear, centered, and powerful sounds in all registers in perfect intonation without strain or overblowing.

Open your mind and ears to the true sound of all brass instruments then express it in your playing. The Master Superchops Embouchure enables you to reach your musical goals!



New York Soloist sound file by John Liddle

NEW! Superchops 8



August, 2010

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March, 2010

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The world’s finest trumpet for the world’s most musical players
September 10th, 2008

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• Leadpipe – refined from a superior 1930’s French Besson
• Valve section – reshaped from an outstanding Martin Committee then repositioned for superior balance
• Bracing – inspired by a superb Conn 22B but newly placed for improved overtones and resonance
• Bell – developed from the legendary Callet Jazz but in a special gauge for a more perfect center and extraordinary projection.

Callet Superchops Trumpet Mouthpiece
Superchops 3 ( SC3 ): Released on March,   2009 NEW DIMMENSION in BEAUTIFUL PLAYING
Superchops 4 (SC4): Released on February,   2010 FOR WIDER TONE!
Superchops 3s (SC3s): Released on November,   2010 EXTRA SHALLOW CUP
Superchops 6 (SC6): Released on April,   2012 UNLEASH YOUR SUPER PLAYING ABILITIES!
Superchops 8 (SC8): Released on September,   2014 FULLY BALANCED CLASSICAL DESIGN
Superchops 1ss (SC1ss): Released on April,   2017 SENSATIONAL RESULT!


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This two DVD set is the culmination of my 60 years of brass embouchure instruction. It will give you the tools you need to best express your musical spirit on any brass instrument.
I want you to play in the most correct and efficient manner possible. Therefore, I offer a free telephone lesson to each and every purchaser. Study the DVD, put my findings into practice, then call me so I can hear you play. (Tel: 1-718-477-5803 US)
I deeply appreciate the tremendous help from my friend and colleague, Dr. Kyle Schmeer. Without his hard work and strong support this important project could not have been accomplished.
Jerome Callet